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Bengali wedding refers to both Muslim wedding and Hindu wedding in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Although Muslim and Hindu marriages have their distinctive religious rituals, there are many common cultural rituals in marriages across religion among Bengali people.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who r sexier? bengali or punjabi women?

soth indian girls have nice face and great long hair , punjabi girls are fair and strong , bengali girls are fair ,tall and hav nice figure while i know really less about marathi girls but my question is which community looks better and hot in average mumbai grls or chandigarh girls or kolkata girls or south indi girls .

Bengali girls in Kolkata have extreamly fair complexion and good hieght and nice face ...one advantage that punjabi girls have is that they have sharp nose nothin more but punjabi girls show a lot of nakhra which bengali girls dont........my conclusion is bengali girls looks the best mainly cause of their very fair complexion and good height.
bengali lady in saree she had butter like complexion her red lips and her perfect proportionated body she was in lialac colour saree i will not be able to forget that heavenly girl in my life .its true that bengali girls looks really great the have all those stats needed they have fair skin and good height and are more in number than punjabi girls . cause the sex ratio is west bengal is very high for girls where as in punjab its low for girls and marathi girls i cant make any comment cause i have no so much aquintaince with any marathi girl but i had aquinted with south indian girls but i really did nt find them beautiful
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